The monstrous Giant Monsters

==The monster that  did not stop growing

KoopZilla when  kidnapped  Princess  Peach, had  a  length of 20 meters, but its size did not stop growing  and  when  Mario  and  Luigi  were to rescue the Peach: KoopZilla  is now quite large. A monstrous size,  with more than 5,000 feet tall, his feet  were  over 200 feet tall. Mario had the  power to fly, but not Luigi. Luigi  got lost in that mass of reptilian giant  monster. Princess  Peach  is  trapped  in  the crown of the monster, who is  the head of KoopZilla. To rescue  her, Mario  and Luigi will have to climb the monster  whole. KoopZilla  not stir, as is having fun with  this  game  being  the  mountain. Every  minute  that  Mario and Luigi to climb the huge body  KoopZilla  plus  the  gigantic  reptile  grows, grows, grows, grows, more and more! Mario and Luigi now were almost invisible near KoopZilla. KoopZilla discovered  that  her  body  is  used  as a prison grown, now that Mario, Luigi  and  Peach  are  the  size of bacteria near the mighty monster. The God-Monster  that  just keeps growing!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA !!!!!!!      

The End==