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    November 17, 2012 by KoopZilla

    Koopzilla is the giant alter ego of King Koopa in the Super Mario Bros. Super Show! and is based on the famous Japanese monster, Godzilla. He appears in the episode "Mario meets Koopzilla".

    • ====King Koopa becomes Koopzilla after eating some of Dr. T Garden's Super Sushi. His attacks are only physical and there are no Troopas in this episode. To try and beat him, Mario, Luigi, the Princess, and Toad caught Koopzilla in a giant steel net, only to be torn apart seconds later. Mario was able to stall Koopzilla by growing as big as him via the power of the Super Sushi. This thin amount of time gave Dr. Garden the opportunity to create the antidote, Super Sushi Shrinker. To Toad, it was the second largest hypodermic needle he's ever seen (the bigge…
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